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General Information

Thank you for considering Wasatch Exotics Rescue to continue caring for your pet. Once animals are in our care we provide them with any necessary medical treatments and time to fully settle in and get comfortable with the new changes. We work on socializing and rehabilitating when needed. Some animals will go into foster homes where they receive even more individualized care as they prepare for adoption.

Surrender Terms

Must be 18+ years old to surrender an animal. Please fill out the surrender form below. We require that the complete enclosure and any extra decorations/accessories/food be provided at time of surrender – animals settle in much easier when they have items that remind them of their previous home. There is a $65 surrender fee per animal, or $100 for large reptiles/snakes. Surrender fees allow us to be able to continue caring for your animal, which includes their base vet fees, food, transportation, cost of housing, etc. The owner is responsible for dropping off animals and enclosures, however transportation assistance may be available depending on location. We appreciate your understanding!

Upon completion and review of the surrender form a team member will send an email to the provided address with the next steps.

*Please note at this time, we are unable to take in iguanas and aquatic turtles. We recommend reaching out to Idaho Reptile Zoo, Southern Idaho Reptile Rescue, or checking in with your local animal shelter for assistance.
**For monitors please contact us before submitting a surrender form.

Please read surrender terms above before completing this form.