All of our animals are closely monitored and cared for before being deemed adoption ready. Some animals require extensive rehabilitation while others come to us already in good health. While we do everything we can to get an animal to best health, some are of old age, have permanent deformities or diseases, or need extra care when handling. Please see biographies on each animal to learn more about their personality and for other important notes.


We do require proof of proper enclosure prior to finalizing an adoption. Enclosures must meet our standards – we are happy to send those interested a checklist so they know exactly what we expect to see in enclosures and to prevent buying incorrect or unapproved items. In state adoptees can choose to purchase an enclosure kit made by WER (please allow us up to two weeks to put together kits). Used enclosures may be available for purchase as well depending on animal.


A general understanding of proper care is necessary of any pet owner. We want to ensure our animals go to the best homes possible. We understand there is much conflicting information on the internet regarding pet care, if there are any questions one may have we are more than happy to clear that up and educate where needed. A great resource is Reptifiles as well as species-specific groups on Facebook.

How to Adopt

If you are interested in an animal please fill out our adoption application here. In-state applicants have the chance to have in person meetings with the animal(s) interested in. We also offer virtual meetings for in-state and out-of-state applicants. We can ship animals within the contiguous United States through Ship Your Reptiles weather permitting. Adoptees are responsible for shipping costs, ranging from $60-$90+ depending on location. Adoption fees vary depending on animal. We reserve the right to refuse an adoption for any reason. Must be 18+ to apply. All animals are strictly pet-only.

Meet Our Adoptables!

We do not have any animals available for adoption at this time. Please check back later for updates!